Yes at times maybe she was Snippy, but were teens, who isnt! It made me feel oh so special. No there were several girls bullied, but Bernadette wasnt one. Additionally, the Bernadette character was portrayed as sweet and innocent, while a sexy twenty-something Tori Spelling played the part of the 15 year old Kirsten. Feeling bad for Bernadette bc was a pathetic, weak, emotionally unstable girl, fragile or whatever doesnt change the fact that shes also a murderer. Not to mention all over the world. As for me, Im the same age as the girls involved in the case. Kirsten was stabbed by Protti after she was chased by him back to her house after she got out of the car because she believed something was amiss. And she killed her because she was jealous and that she would have been humiliuated if Kirsten told people at school that she was admiring her. She did have money, dont let that other Mats tell you any different. She may of been misunderstood. Protti changed her name to Jeannette Butler legally after the horrible incident. This is all clearly stated in the intro. I think Bernadette was a lesbian thats why she felt she couldnt have Kirsten tell everyone that she fancied her. Bernadette was a Snob also. Rubbish, it was jealousy and pure rage. An example that shows that Bernadette didnt have respect for Kirstens family and shows how detached Bernadette was from killing Kirsten was that she appeared to have no inhibitions about attending Kirstens funeral. Dont let that Sweet Melancholy fool anyone, she was not that unless you were in the group. Some still get together. Hollywood tends to make villains heroes, and innocent people into villains. You know who you are to. Kirsten was well liked and cared. I attended school in New York City and there are nothing but cliques. There were girls she didnt like, either she liked you or she didnt, no in between. Who is Ms Bunch? Living in orinda back in the 80s&90s was no easy task if you indidnt wear the right clothes or drive the nice brand new car you wernt shit . That pain of being relentlessly bullied stays with you your whole life and your self worth is damaged. Whos to say she hasnt Murdered again, if so, she Covered her tracks better, and probaly let an innocent person take the blame and maybe jailed for it. Where Is Angela Delvecchio Today? Mats Above a girl is dead, as a result from the girl who had a Sweet Melancholy. Kirsten, and D and Ms Stuff were the Life of a Party. Also McDonald I heard of her on these sites. They just had their own group of girls. Shes no better than you. Kristen was a total bully, just horrible. What a bizarre story. Bernadette Protti, a fellow student at Miramonte High School in California, was the one who took the life of Kirsten Costas in 1984. After the awful occurrence, Protti changed her name officially and moved to a different location so that she might begin a new family there. She supposedly suffers from depression. Arnold followed her for about a quarter of a mile before giving up the chase. She was Popular, and, she was also nice at times, she just was Stuck on herself. Dont matter if Kirsten was a bully or the meanest girl ever, you haters on her leave her alone and let her Rest In Peace. I dealt with it so I know. I saw an interview with one of her classmates who described her as mean. It wont bring Kirsten back. I was wondering why she was so pro-Bernadette. This will always be a tragic story that will never be forgotten, I certainly never wanted that to happen to Kirsten or anyone,she was a daughter, sister and friend to many. I think you take things way to personal like Bernadette did, I believe MissKiwi Bernadette took things so serious that it became serious and a fatal obsession. Some claimed it was am an act of Satanism or a PCP-induced killing. Kirsten was a Bully, I had heard she was,, and heard she wasnt and it was hard to picture her as a Bully. It wasnt any big deal, or so, we didnt think it was. A couple of them did, Bern just looked the other way. Those girls like Chris she hung with has changed, theyre not like they were in school, Kirsten would of changed also as she got older. You obviously didnt know Bernadette to describe her as Sweet. Nope! So whoever wrote Miramonte was a bad school and everyone cut everyone down, maybe it was you cause you werent socially accepted, and probably didnt make the best choices, or embarrassed yourself wanting the attention and. She was given a sentence of nine years in jail before she could begin her life on her own, but she was granted parole after serving only seven of those years. A little over an hour later, an agitated Kirsten rang the bell at a strangers door. Kirsten was mostly nice to Everyone, so she had a few people she didnt like, we all have. I thought Kirsten was a very pretty little thing. You are full of it. I wasnt Popular and Kirsten liked me and was nice to me. Joey dated Angela Delvecchio before the series began. as bad as she wanted her friendship. Yes we all feel that way, but nothing can be done about it, decision has already been made. John Grisham, Kirsten was nothing like Tori Spelling at all. She did well in school academically, had plenty of friends, her close friends genuinely cared about her, she was described as popular in her own wayand she was invited to join an exclusive sorority club. Angela Delvecchio pictures, video: Mac Top 3 Results for Angela Delvecchio. How dare you? 2016 - 2020. I was shy, empathetic and depressed. She was released the following year. The script for the movie was written by Randall Sullivan who wrote the one-sided scathingly critical Death of a Cheerleader article for Rolling Stone, which the movie was based on. Angela was born to pitch. Again, in real life, Bernadette Prottie was released from prison in 1992 at the young age 23 withthe rest of herlife ahead of her, unlike her victim, the deceased Kirsten Costas. She acted like Kirsten except Kirsten was (more funny). You know whats really sad? RELATED: Heroes: How Saving The Cheerleader Saved The World (It's Not What You Think. I have always treated others the way I want to be treated. Bernadette was kind to. Were you bullied and had to defend yourself and going by that with Bernadette? lol Dylans mother saying We werent rich. She was mean and Stuck up also. After she married, her name changed again to Jeanette Tomanka and she and her husband, as well as their child, moved to Oregon. On the other hand, no one suspected that the perpetrator was a local of Northern California who made their home in an Orinda suburb. Bernadette/Jeanette has paid her dues. Bernadette then appears to have confessed her feelings of admiration for Kirsten in the empty car-park at night. Kirsten from my Understanding was Self Absorbed and a Snob, but not a Bully. Kirsten is forever missed. Oh youre so pretty and popular and amazing I think thats what Kirsten meant by her friend getting weird Then she killed her rather than have Kirsten tell everyone she was a lesbian. She is still remembered for her heinous crime- murdering a young girl named Kirsten Marina Costas in 1984. Dylan and Eriks parents were loaded. Its all coming back to haunt her for what she did. She is still recognised for the horrific crime that she committed in 1984, which was the murder of a young girl whose name was Kirsten Marina Costas. Her friends were all Pretty. Bern wasnt one of them, in fact, (as I said) she was well liked and in with a lot of the i crowd. You took the life away from this poor girl and her family. so dont mock, offer to help thus build bridges. Kirsten didnt like some of those people cause they rubbed her the wrong way and acted Stupid around her, she definately wasnt down with Stupidity. Kirsten wasnt a bully at all. I suffer from PTSD. Maybe they were all misunderstood. Kirstens friends who said she was nice, well they were all in some (Clique) and stuck together and helped one another out. I believe she kept crying and begging for her friendship and it weirded Kirsten out. Kirsten was angry for her lying to get her out under false pretenses, and she knew something was off. She deserves it. She wasnt into that game. The reason why Bernadette killed Kirsten is because Kirsten didnt appreciated the fact that she was lured out of her house under the pretence of a Bobbies sorority initiation dinner by someone she wasnt friends or even acquaintances with. And anyone messed with one of us they had to take on all of us. I was called ugly, to my face by a group of senior boys on my first day. Bernadette was popular to, she was just wanting to be Kirsten, and Kirstens approval meant so much to us all, Kirsten didnt have anything against Bernadette till that fateful night, She never cared either way, Bernadette took it so serious and it became (serious) and fatal. If anyone was pushed to the brink, it was Kirsten, but instead of reacting violently, she fled from Bernadettes car. Stuck up she was, no Bully. I am merely reading the comments after viewing the movie and indeed if the movie mischaracterized Bernadette then her parents should sue them. Kirstens house was Smaller than Bernadettes, how was Kirsten all around was she friendly? You cant go back in time. Bernadette is still a Pathetic Loser, and always will be. [1][2], The daughter of affluent parents Arthur and Berit Costas, Kirsten Costas and her brother Peter grew up in the small suburban town of Orinda, California. Its possible its someone pretending to know Kirsten. [3] The Costases did not believe Protti's story; they asserted that nobody would use an 18-inch-long (460 mm) butcher knife to slice tomatoes and that Protti, casually dressed that evening, never intended to take Kirsten to a party but had planned to murder her. She liked mostly everybody. The cheerleaders in the class of 86 and 87 were mostly snobs around there. Here you are, pretending you care, pretending you wanna help me, when all your really care about is being popular. They were mutually aquatinted. The only truly real statement that is completely believable is Bernadettes taped confession where she is mostly panicked about press and people knowing. Whats wrong with you? Did you know Bernadettes bff? Talking peoples business again, McDonald may not like her name being used. Boys are Smart Aleck also, girls are Worse at it. I cant picture Kirsten being Mean or Rude, so hard to picture that one. So youre justifying Murder due to bullying? I do believe she was real nice to those she did like and her friends. Angela Delvecchio is a married woman who resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their child at the present time. People looked up to her to.. Yes. She was snooty to or maybe just misunderstood. In order to get into the Bobbies you had to have money. But Kirsten didnt deserve to die, some of those girls changed and are more sensitive. When the car pulled up to Kirstens neighbors house, Kirsten assured Arnold she would be all right. No, there is good and bad in every person, just the people are guilty for not seeing the reasons that cause that kind of things. And How!!! A popular and pretty cheerleader, Kirsten Costas, was dead, and sheriffs deputies were searching for the girl who stabbed her. Yes listen said something to Bernadette, not to her directly, about her ski equipment. If there was people in need, in the Bobbies we helped those people.. if someone didnt have nice clothes we were theyre Secret Santa at Christmas time If someone wasnt as smart, (we didnt knock them down), we helped them Kirsten did to,(so did Bernadette) In fact, Bernadette wanted to help the poor. So if your child were bully someone they deserve to die ? You knew both girls? It has changed a bit in Backyard Hockey because in the older games, her outfit looks like overalls. Angela Delvecchio-Hall is on Facebook. She was friendly, but kind of Arrogant as well. I liked Nancy Kane, she got tired of having to be something she wasnt, they looked down on her well. This is Bern or her sister, or even BFF. Nothing should move a person to kill another. I hear Bernadette dont want anything to do with anyone from her past at all now. My kid knows better than to bully others. Angela Delvecchio currently lives a married life with her husband and child in Portland, Oregon. She killed a girl. She did have the cutest clothes of all time and knew it. She wont tell where shes at, cause to many people have it out for her cause of her past. Even if Kirsten was mean, it still doesnt justify killing her. I even was smart alecky as a teen, its just something that takes over your mind and body. Also there Was another girl who went out with the football team and accused them all of raping her, not the entire team, but several players and I hear she was ran out as well and dogged by the Students. Bernadette really should have left her alone. Kelly wrong there Kirsten didnt deserve to be murder she was innocent teenager who happened to a crazy obsessed girl wanting to be her and there no evidence of Kirsten being a bully, Kelly maybe you should read the comment you just left. Read the article, read more on the actual case, stop judging real people based on a low-budget lifetime movie. I'm all over it! Dont let that sweet innocent act fool you. Lots of her classmates are out of State and moved on, maybe you all should as well, Bernadette isnt even around, leave her alone, the past is gone its not coming back ever. Was there 1 or 2 girls blamed for the Murder? I just think Bernadette had underlying issues and pressure on her to get to the top, but that was no right for murder. Kirsten was Cute and so funny and bouncy and full of energy and Life. If you werent Popular she looked down on you just as bad as Kirsten did. Youre no better than Bernadette haters as well. She clearly wasnt happy with them and their old, unfashionable selves either, adding that they didnt give her, their 6th child, the attention she so desperately wanted. Missy didnt start fights just stood her ground. Others suffer more cause they experience the loss. Although the Costases are quiet, their fifteen-year-old daughter was not. A lot of murder cases they get s light sentence or aquitted, but they also get harassed by the public and media so they dont get off all the way, the media torments them. Angela is related to Elizabeth Biernot and Angela E Goodson. You may think Bernadette is happy and living life, glad you think so, I would hate to have to always live in fear, of fear of running into someone from my past, or, someone who knows about my past. I want popular, but had friends who were, I didnt sulk about it, I did sports, not clubs or cheerleading. I never seen her bully. Bernadette fit in fine and lived in a lovely area. It doesnt sound as if Kirsten bullied Bernadette, other than the one comment about her ski gear. with this Virus going around. Was Bernadette fragile when she took Catechism classes with one of the accused girls and would have no doubt seen the emotional toll being falsely accused of murder would have taken on the girl, yet she acted like nothing was amiss. The case is extremely old now. She didnt Bully Bernadette, Just was irritated cause she lied to her, and her mom about the Party, and all. You need to get help for that, sweetie. Cant imagine what feelings the Costas family had either. We get it now, we already got it. Unless any of these people commenting knew these girls personally and their families, they dont have a place to judge either one of these girls who lived this tragic event. At 50 years old, I too have been bullied my whole life. I wouldnt have either. That dont Justify Murder. In the film, Angela is convicted of second-degree murder (meaning it was not premeditated - even though it was) and sentenced to confinement in juvenile hall until age 25, but was released and paroled after a few years. We all had enemies and faults and all teen girls are Caddy and mean at some point, no reason to die, they outgrow it in adulthood, most do anyways, some never do. I hear she disguised herself when she comes to Orinda wears shades over her eyes, and lives behind a long lane (mom does). Material on this site is provided for purposes of education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. However, Angela's confirmation is presided over by a priestrather than a bishop, and the priest at Stacy's funeral iswearing green vestments (which are for ordinary days) instead ofwhite, and the casket is draped with a white pall, not purple. and the one who was ran out of School for getting drunk at a Party and messing with ajocks? Also Bernadette wasnt bullied or singled out, thats BS. I know some fragile ppl, and theyd kill themselves before someone else. Regardless no one deserves to die like that. Do I believe Kirsten was a Mean girl (bully) not at all, I believe she had those she didnt like and may of been Snooty towards that got on her nerves. After that, she moved to Oklahoma and began working in the medical field there as a nurse. Im not saying Kirsten was totally innocent, for it takes 2, but to Murder in Cold blood. School is what you make of it, bullying goes on all the time no reason to Murder over that, Kirsten would of grown out of it by now even if she was a bully. Kirsten was always joking around. Then you wouldnt be worrying g about these people being the Life of the Party. Angela Delvecchio is a family nurse practitioner in Bar Harbor, Maine. The movie really leaned toward Bernadette being seen by Kirsten and others as less of a person. I believe the conversation was very bizarre to, about desperation of a friendship. A Murderer, So Kirsten was a Snob, a lot of ppl are, the way she died,was Horrific. It's just another notch in your gun belt. A sane or fragile person would not have been able to endure being confronted with so much pain that they were responsible for, yet Bernadette could and did. Im disgusted. Kids are incredibly nasty and cruel in high school because their parents raise them that way in their own attempt to play the snobs of society. Like Missy Availa saying she was roughish and wild and Loose, didnt give Karen Severson and Laura Doyle any right to murder her either. Well one mother of her friend on a blog told Kirsten was Exclusive and liked everyone. Over, if Kirsten bullied B why didnt B use it to Strenghten her Case. She was raring to go, ready to start to live her life when it was snuffed out., Everything about her had flair. Former Receptionist Telephone Operator at Lane Insurance, Inc. Former ENTREPRUNEUR at DYNAMAXX International. ?lol go guys and do some research..the real Bernadette was very beautiful,(but poor) while the real Kristen was very average (but rich)Kristen well deserved her fate,all the bullies making others life miserableno sympathy from me at all. You cant force somebody to be friends with you. Angela is shown to wear a white shirt, a blue vest and a blue skirt with brown hair. She had moments, and she told her feelings about people. [4], On June 23, 1984, Costas was lured with a phony invitation to a dinner for the Bob-o-Links, a sorority-like group at school. Your argument is Sort of pointless, and hypocritical considering that Bernadette did not value TRUE FEELINFS, FREINDSHIPS!!! Please explain how Bernadette was pushed to the brink? i feel sorry.for any poor sap who has to live in her neighborhood because like the investigator wisehart said she has a hidden trigger that anyone can pull just by not giving her what she thinks she.should get in a relationship. I remember one time coming back from skiing, my friend and I were saying how we should stab the killer 18 times for what she did. She had plenty of friends like in the film who loved her, but she cared only about superficial things, and people. This is what makes her an easy choice every single time. Anyone who defends her and likes her is a Pathetic Loser also. I also think that its utterly ridiculous that she got only 9 years for committing murder. Leave a review . She never meant harm, as for Bernadette, Kirsten sometimes teased her, and she would be nice to her to, she just was angry for being lured out under false pretense to attend a so called party, and when Bernadette told her feeling about Kirsten, it freaked her out, she spotted something immediately, and she was right. The knife was her sisters for making lunch it was even in the movie that way. I knew both gals. And you dont give a fuck cause you are popular? Did you ever stop and think that Bernadette was a fragile human being? I was there too. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Why cant people leave this case alone. . But you are not making her case by behaving like a bully yourself. Even if you werent rich, if you were smart and acted sensible you were accepted. Snobs like Kristen who think they are better than everyone, put others down, and degrade them because of their class status are the reason shootings like Columbine took place. She felt it was even worse than having killed someone which is ridiculous and sad but thereve been a few cases like this.. Its thought to be the reason why Skylar Neese was really killed though her two best friends who killed her claimed they just didnt like her any more (again doesnt make sense) and there was evidence that Skylar had seen her two friends making out. You copied your little story from some other website. I dont buy into the lesbian theory. Kirsten was in the class of 1986, As for Bernadette, I didnt know her well, but said hello to her a few times in passing at school, and when she came to get the attendance slips. In PEOPLE, the article stated that Bernadette feared hurting her family by leaving them behind: If I kill myself, I will hurt people even more (my family). [13 May 1985, Arthur Lubow] I think its also safe to assume that her Catholic faith played a part in her decision. Bernadette then stalked Kirsten all the way to her house which would anger and disturb most people. I agree bullying is so terrible but there wasnt much evidence that Kirsten was a bully apart from Bernadette saying Kirsten once mentioned that her ski boots looked cheap, I think Kirsten was a lesbian with a crush on Kirsten but was taking that secret to her grave. She and her BFF were both Odd. The school was a freak show. Note: features authentic historical information, and is not intended to represent current best practices on any topic, particularly with regard to health and safety, but also in terms of outdated cultural depictions and social values. [5] He thought that he was witnessing a fistfight, but in fact Protti had stabbed Costas five times with a butcher knife and fled. Everything is Me! I am really stunned that she only spent 8 years in jail. She was skinny. I had to deal with people like Kirsten in high school. Did you ever think that she would not want to try to defend herself in court with letting out the terrible things Kristen said to her and how she berated her and others because she was sorry and she felt as though that would only add insult to injury to Kristens family? Snotty people blamed her publicly and without mercy.. shame on them, you know who you are. Not boring (ugly, maybe, not boring), and also thus not a natural blonde. We are all different. She was a young girl, a funny, silly girl who could also be obnoxious. I could call you out but I wont. She hugged people all the time was a ( social butterfly). Everyone has an Opinion guess we will never know unless we truly knew them, and not Berns friends or Sisters who Comment bad stuff about Kirsten, of course they wont tell the true facts. Esp one 86 girl who thought she was just on top of the world. Normal teenagers they like I said, were crazy so to speak, and meant no harm towards Nancy and them, just harmless teasing, they were crazy like that. She eventually went by Jeanette Tomanka after getting married, changing her name after the event. Kirsten was described as a cheerful girl by classmates, and I do believe for the most part, she got along with most her classmates and school mates. Bernadette couldnt of been to nice, she Murdered and watched 2 girls take the blame knowing it took a toll on thier lives and Families. Absolutely not. Was Kirsten a smart aleck , dont know but tell me a teen girl who isnt!